Industrial & Marine Riveting

industrial and marine riveting and quality assurance

JAG Industrial and Marine Services offers our customers over 120 years of combined industrial and marine riveting experience/expertise. We have worked everywhere from the Panama Canal in Central America to the extreme cold of Temiscaming, Quebec Canada. Our men have experience riveting pressure vessels, then hydro testing and sealing with no gasket material. We have also completed work on almost every remaining riveted hull currently sailing on the Great Lakes.

JAG has researched and developed an extensive QC manual on the riveting, process complete from removal process, repair, preparation, renewals, mechanical tightening & testing. We are confident there are no other companies that currently possess our level of expertise in field of riveting.

Marine Riveting


  • Great Lakes Freighters repairs, renewals of shell plate, transitioning seams from riveted to welded. To date over 250,000 rivets renewed on approximately 15 Great Lakes & ocean going vessels.
  • Liberty Vessel “John W. Brown” replaced approximately 75,000 rivets during (2) repair projects.
  • Panama Canal, Panama completed jobs including maintenance & rivet replacement of both the miter gates as well as refurbishment of the caisson.
  • Miscellaneous repairs on riveted cement & deck barges, mechanical caulking of seams, French & welding of rivets, as well as mechanical bobbing & caulking of rivet heads.
Industrial Riveting
  • Tembec Inc., Temiscaming, Quebec, CA completed rivet renewal and replacement during several shutdowns. Rivet replacement on pulp digester (AMSE Code Pressure Vessel), assisted in shell renewal, butt strap removal and replacement, riveting, mechanical caulking & hydro testing. Renewed as many as 10,000 1-1/4” diameter rivets.
  • AV Cell Inc., Atholville, New Brunswick, CA completed rivet removal, shell & butt strap renewals, penetrations, riveting, mechanical bobbing & caulking of rivets on a pulp digester (AMSE Code Pressure Vessel). Renewed approximately 3,000 1-1/4” diameter rivets.
  • Miscellaneous repairs on storage bins for the cement and aggregate industry, rivet renewal and rebuild of bridges and walkways, rivet replacement on ladle hook for melting pot at steel mill, rivet replacement on tire rims, and rivet replacement on boilers.

For more information about our licensing agencies, please visit the links below:

American Society for Nondestructive Testing

American Bureau of Shipping

American Welding Society

B. Y. O. P.


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