JAG Marine Sandblasting and Painting

marine sandblasting and painting

JAG’s Marine Sandblasting and Painting division provides safe, environmentally friendly, high quality, competitive, direct-to-customer sandblasting, painting, marine coatings and maintenance service at JAG Alaska’s Seward Shipyard Facility and across the United States.  Our Sandblasting and Painting division extends JAG’s commitment to provide every customer with on-time, quality workmanship and vigilant attention to safety and compliance on every project.  Let JAG work alongside your operations & maintenance teams to strategize in implementing a robust program that will reduce costs, downtime, and protect your investments.

Maintenance Programs with JAG’s Marine Sandblasting and Painting Division

Customized maintenance programs designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer.  JAG works directly with your company representative to:

  • Solidify fleet program;
  • Perform inspections and evaluate the extent of procedures;
  • Agree on proposed correction method.

Upon reaching an agreement on the proposed maintenance procedures, JAG provides your company rep with pricing and the time-line for execution.  Upon completion of the maintenance procedures, we will work with your representative to evaluate procedures for maintaining equipment to your specifications.

Benefits of Maintenance Programs with JAG’s Marine Sandblasting and Painting Division

  • Avoid ABS, USCG, & SIRE deficiency reports
  • Avoid costly emergent repairs and possible loss of service time
  • Maintain and manage maintenance budget
  • Customer is delivered a better service, higher quality, and longer lasting product that reduces operating & capital expenses

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For information about Marine Sandblasting, Painting and Marine Coatings services at our Seward, Alaska shipyard call our Seward office at 907-491-0624.

Marine Sandblasting and Painting Services

Finished Deck with Non-Skid











Finished Deck Growling and Blasting











Finished Deck with Non-Skid











Spot Blasting (Before)











Spot Blasting (After)











Primed Deck After Blasting











Finished Blasting and Painting Topside Before Non-Skid











New Fabricated Tankerman Shack











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